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Contaminated Land Management: Ready Reference - First update



This first set of updates for the Ready Reference focuses on a major revision of the Risk Management section which reflects the significant developments since the first edition. A substantial section has been added covering risk management techniques, principles and approaches. The treatment approach tables have been revised, following an outline of the 'operating window' concept. Signposting to sources for general information, handbooks and case studies has been added for all techniques, including web links. New tables have been provided for in situ thermal and fracturing techniques, and the use of energy forestry on contaminated land. The chapter on Options Appraisal and Implementation has been rewritten and extended, in particular to take account of the Model Procedures.

Within Risk Assessment, the Section on Ecological risks has been greatly expanded to reflect the significant developments in guidance in this sector. We have greatly benefited from the input from Jason Weeks, who was responsible for much of the Environment Agency's guidance on Ecorisk, who drafted most of the Ecorisk tables. While much has changed in human health risk assessment too, we will await the changes that will result from the DEFRA Way Forward consultation before updating these tables. In the meantime, the LQM CIEH Generic Assessment Criteria publication (available from www.lqm.co.uk) may be of interest.

Finally please remember that much new guidance and documentation is available via the www.eugris.info website.



Last modified: 26-May-2009